Lanvabon Cattery is home to beautiful Scottish Fold & Scottish Shorthair cats. Our cattery is located in city Voronej, Russia. It's the big and beautiful city in the center of European part of Russia.

The Scottish Fold is best known for its distinctive ears, which are folded forward and down, and by its large rounded eyes, which give it a sweet, wide-eyed expression. They are mellow and affectionate cats.

Scottish Folds are found in both longhaired and short Scottish Foldred varieties, in a great number of colours and pattern combinations. The longhaired variety is sometimes referred to as a "Highland Fold". Their small, folded ears are unusually expressive, more so than an average cat's "normal" ears. They have soft, chirpy voices they do not use often.

Interesting fact: Not all Scottish Fold kittens will have folded ears. All Scottish Fold kittens are born with straight ears. It isn't until the kitten is about three weeks old that a breeder will begin to know which kittens will have folded ears and which will not. The straight-eared Scottish Fold is accepted as its own breed, the Scottish Shorthair.

We wanted to produce the most sound, healthy and sweet Scottish Folds that we could produce. It was a great challenge for us. We strive to produce healthy, happier, well-socialized kittens, raised in a loving environment. All our cats live in house with us as the members of our familys. And we do not breed much kittens, since we feel that quality is more important than quantity... so take a look from time to time on our available-page to see if we have kittens...


Best regards, Veronika Chistova