Sharl' Lanvabon
SFS Red spotted tabby/white
Coupari Flame Danc'ear
SFL Red classic tabby
Hipoint TN Rooster of Coupari
SFS71 Red classic tabby
s-MRDuncan of Hipoint TN Cs-CH Ratatat Ebony and Ivory
-Rd-Ratatat Dream'Ears Angel
d-Lorna of Hipoint TN s-Ratatat Red Darby
d-Ratatat Shadie Sadie
Coupari's A Moment Like This
SFS Brown patched mackerel tabby/white
Gc, BW Gilly's Raskal Fletts of Coupari
SFL Red classic tabby/white
CGilly's This Buds for Me
SCS Brown tabby/white
Gilly's Wendy Darling
SFL Red classic tabby/white
CH. Snomist Blue Bayou of Coupari BRI blue

GC Maou Sterling Silver of Belnute
BRI blue
CH Maou Alice Blue Gown
BRI Blue-Cream

Zia Marie of Lanvabon
SCS torty/white

Cr.I.Ch. Filand's Clyde
SCS Red spotted tabby/white
W.Ch. Volgafold's Alabaster of Filand
SFS classic tabby/white
Ch. Luana's Roxy Konty of Volgafold
SFS red classic tabby/white
Jollycat's Vlastelina Mc Bastear of Volgafold
SCS classic tabby
I.Ch. Magic Flowers Palace's Allison of Filand
SCS white
W.CH. Jollycat's Luke Ambersnow
SFS Red classic tabby/white
Beauty Look's Jasmin
SCS white
Royal Deeside Amanda
SFS black
W.CH. Atos Angel
SFS71 blue
Gr.I.Ch Lancelot Blue Angel
BRI blue
Evita Pink Floid
SFS blue
Gr.I.Ch. Amisa Violeta Blue Home
SFS black spotted tabby
SFS black
Violit Blue Baby's
BRI silver spotted tabby

Estima Yuliana
silver classic tabby/white (van)

«венислав Ћанвабон
SFS Silver spotted tabby/white
Luana's Proofed Mafia
SFS Blue classic tabby/white
Luana's Golden Sun
SCS Cream classic tabby
Florizel Green House
SCS Blue
Jollycat's Lusianna of Luana
SCS Brown classic torbie/white
Luana's Victoria Silver Rainbow
SFS Brown silver spotted torbie/white (arlekine)
Kora's Voldemar of Luch Style
SCS Cameo/white
Jollycat Domino of Luana
SFS black/white
Gr.I.Ch. Sellie Fancy Friends
SCS silver spotted tabby/white
Leroy Fancy Friends
SFL Silver classic tabby
Frank Fancy Friends
SCS Silver classic tabby
Gr.I.Ch. Shelly Fancy Friends
SCS Silver classic torbie
Infanta of Marmorensy
SCL Black macrel tabby/white harlequin
SFS Black/white harlequin

CH. Jollycat's Kleopatra McBustear of Marmorensy
SCL Brown spotted torbie/white
X-Lady Luana
SCS Black silver tabby/white van
Kinross Gentle Guy
SCL Black tabby/white van
MacGilli's Oliv'ear Twist of Kinross
SCS Braun spotted/white
Gilly Freewheelin' Dylan of MacGilli
MacGilli Little Shenanigan
SFL Brown tabby/white
SFL Blue-Cream/white
SFL Red silver classic tabby/white
Karraway Lil Orphn Annie of Kinross, DM
SCS Silver classic tabby/white
”элси ‘ейерверк
SFS silver classic torbie/white

Ch. Luch Style's Cowboy Black Jack
SFS Brown silver classic tabby/white
Kora's Voldemar of Luch Style
SCS Cameo/white
Dama Diana Luch Style
SFS silver classic tabby
Luana's Rudy Rose
SCS red classic tabby/white
Galivo's Lord Azor of Luana
SFS Cream classic tabby/white
Afelia Butterfly of Luana
SCS Black tortie/white